Rhode Island Immigration Crimes of Moral Turpitude

For legal permanent residents of the United States, being convicted of certain crimes can lead to deportation.

These crimes are those that unravel the moral fiber of society to pieces. A few good examples include:

  • Rape – when someone is forced to have intercourse, without their consent, due to force, violence or threat.
  • Fraud – closely related crimes include identity theft and embezzlement. With the advent of the internet, fraud is much easier to conduct through a cloud of anonymity. In addition, it’s easy for those whose identities are stolen to be incorrectly accused of fraud.
  • Spousal Abuse – which can entail physical, emotional or sexual abuse. In many instances, these are false allegations. 
  • Perjury – Telling a lie to the Federal Government is considered to be a crime involving moral turpitude.  This could also entail aiding and abetting a criminal, even though the perjurer did not commit a crime, such as murder, rape or some other offense.

How A RI Criminal Lawyer Can Help?

An immigration attorney can help to stop or pause removal proceedings, before they begin. Here’s how:

Before the Trial

For noncitizens, it’s easier to defend a crime in the early stages of accusations. The lawyer can weigh the details of the case to find the best possible defense and prove your innocence. Also, fines can be possibly lowered, and prison time avoided. As an example, someone who is found in possession of a  controlled substance can be enrolled in a drug diversion program, instead of being incarcerated – with the help of a lawyer. This is just one of the many ways that a Rhode Island criminal attorney can help.

After Being Convicted or Imprisoned

For aliens who have already been admitted within the United States within a five year timeframe, and were found guilty of one or more of these crimes involving moral turpitude, (or CMIT), the RI lawyer can file a motion to appeal, depending on the circumstances. One of the defenses for filing a motion to appeal involve proving that the former legal representative  was incompetent.

If removal proceedings have already begun, there may still be hope of keeping immigrants on U.S. land. A skilled immigration attorney can examine all angles that have been overlooked to keep the defendant here.

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