Rhode Island Murder Defense

Murder is defined as the unlawful killing of a human life, including unborn infants. Another key element of this crime is that the murder was intented, which the prosecution will have to prove.

As an example, if a defendant awaited a victim for hours in the dark before he or she arrived home – with a murder weapon such as a gun or knife, then malice aforethought indeed played out.  In court systems throughout the nation there are several types of murders including those in the first and second degree. Each of these crimes carry its own set of penalties.

Types of  Rhode Island Murder

First Degree Murder – is defined as deliberately taking the life of someone else. Most of these 1st degree murder cases result in imprisonment of 25 years to life. If you’re in the hot seat for murder and  yet no nothing of the crime, contact the Island Law offices of John R. Grasso immediately. There’s the sensitive factor of time, which can be used to gather pertinent evidence for proving one’s innocence. If the case has been dragged out because there hasn’t been enough evidence against you, a lawyer can help your case as well.

Second Degree Murder – is murder that is not premeditated. One example would be drinking while driving, and killing someone else due to recklessness. In this instance, a RI DUI lawyer can also help with the case. Another example of second degree murder is firing  a loaded gun by accident and someone was killed in this incident.

If you’ve been arrested for murder in the first or second degree, contact the RI murder defense attorneys at John R. Grasso. Call  401-272-4001 to discuss your case confidentially. Before standing trial, your lawyer will collaborate with highly skilled investigators to uncover DNA and forensic evidence that’s pertinent for winning your murder trial in Rhode Island.