Credit Card Fraud

Arrested for Credit Card Fraud in Rhode Island?

Then you need to contact the Rhode Island Law Offices of John R. Grasso as soon as possible.  With the American economy still struggling to recover from the 2007 recession, it goes without saying that white-collar crimes such as credit card fraud in Rhode Island are serious offenses with severe implications.  By consulting with an experienced and successful Rhode Island criminal defense lawyer, you offer yourself the best opportunity to avoid the most damaging and long-term consequences of a credit card fraud allegation.

At the RI Law Offices of John R. Grasso, Attorney John R. Grasso is well versed in criminal defense law, and has experienced law enforcement from multiple perspectives within the United States justice system. As a former Rhode Island police officer, Attorney John R. Grasso knows from personal experience the tactics police officers use to obtain evidence.  As a practicing and respected RI criminal lawyer, Attorney John R. Grasso has a strong background in defending his clients and successfully getting damaging evidence thrown out of court.

If you have been arrested and charged with credit card fraud, do not hesitate any longer. Contact Rhode Island criminal lawyer John R. Grasso for a free consultation today.

What Are the Consequences of an RI Credit Card Fraud Conviction?

If you have been arrested and are facing a potential conviction for credit card fraud in Rhode Island state or federal courts, a Rhode Island criminal defense lawyer can provide you the best defense against a criminal conviction.  Don’t risk your future and your family’s future by hiring a lawyer fresh out of law school or one who doesn’t exclusively focus on Rhode Island criminal defense law.

A conviction for credit card fraud can result in lifelong consequences, including:

  • Lengthy prison sentences and probation
  • Financial devastation and restitution to your victims
  • An inability to find gainful employment upon your release
  • A lifetime of social stigma as a “fraud” or a “cheat”
  • A credit score that is impossible to redeem
  • A devastated absence of the livelihood you were once able to provide your family

If you are currently in the process of battling your credit card fraud arrest and criminal charges, you need the services of Rhode Island criminal defense lawyer John R. Grasso.  At the Rhode Island Law Offices of John R. Grasso, 100% of Attorney Grasso’s law practice is dedicated to Rhode Island criminal defense. From drunk driving (DUI) charges to white collar crimes like credit card fraud, Attorney John R. Grasso is a zealous advocate and will work tirelessly in your defense.

Offering free consultations to all potential clients, Attorney John R. Grasso welcomes the opportunity to assist you in your defense of your credit card fraud charge.  With a wealth of experience and a proven track record of successfully dropped charges and “not guilty” verdicts, Attorney John R. Grasso should be the first call you make if you have been arrested in Rhode Island. Don’t hesitate. Call Attorney John R. Grasso today.

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