The Legality of Employers Asking About Past Convictions

Active members of the workforce know about the standard process of background checks when applying for employment. A recent case by the Providence Journal thrust into the spotlight difficulties that past convicts face when seeking employment.

At the present moment, running background checks and including the check box on forms for applicants to voluntarily disclose this information is legal.

How Can Past Convicts Obtain Help?

If the past still lingers in the future when it comes to crimes, there’s hope through the process of expungement. There are some key requirements however, and this includes a criminal defense attorney proving reform of a past offender. This means that he or she has not committed any other crimes, and has complied with all orders by the court. In addition to this, there are some programs for helping those arrested and who would now like to secure employment. Check out this Felony Guide for more resources.

Top Reasons An Expungement in Rhode Island Is Denied:

  1. Some of the top reasons why an expungement would be denied include the applicant’s prior conviction of a violent crime. These include Felony DUI, sex offenses like rape, lewd acts with a minor, and other forms of assault.
  2. Another reason would be failing to complete the terms of a probation. If this is the case, a lawyer can help.
  3. Victim restitution has not been received. This too can prohibit an offender from becoming approved.
  4. Other crimes were committed during the period of probation and more.

If you’ve been previously arrested or convicted of a crime, and would now like to expunge criminal records in Rhode Island, contact the law offices of John R. Grasso today. Contact the RI criminal defense attorneys at 401-272-4001.

Source: Providence Journal

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