Rhode Islanders Face Yet Another Bomb Threat

WPRI News reported that a 31 year old woman going by the surname Inlavongsa, allegedly placed a note in her office’s bathroom, which indicated that a bomb attack was underway. Police were called to the building, where no material evidence used for making explosives were found. Inlavongsa was found responsible for leaving the handwritten note.

This crime is considered to be a felony offense, even though no attacks transpired. If found guilty, the defendant could face a lengthy term in prison, as well as heavy fines.

Definition of a Bomb Threat

The prosecution will need to prove that Inlavongsa knowingly made the threat. A bomb threat is typically detailed as when someone intentionally leaves a message indicating that someone is going to be physically harmed by an explosion, or that a building will be damaged in this manner.

It’s important to note that bomb threats can additionally be conveyed through several mediums including by a handwritten note, as was the case in this offense. In addition, threats can be made by phone, text, a social media post, or some other device.

In a similar case, a teen rapper was recently arrested for making a bomb threat on a social media forum. He too, could face several years in prison even though no one was injured.

Rhode Island Chapter 11-35 states that the penalties for this crime include up to ten years in prison and up to $1000 in fines.

Some of the defenses include being falsely accused, or that someone else committed the crime. If you or someone you know has been accused of making a bomb threat or any other threat in Rhode Island, contact the RI criminal defense attorneys at 401-272-4001 today.


Source: WPRI