Semi-Automatics May be Banned in Rhode Island

In light of the Newton shooting last fall where several children were gunned down, the debate on the right to bear arms is heated like never before. The Providence Journal has reported that Governor Chapee has disclosed a number of bills that would put the following into action:

  • Semiautomatic assault weapons would be fully prohibited
  • Penalties for violating gun laws would be enhanced
  • Loopholes in current laws would be addressed
  • Background checks would remain
  • Mental-health records would also be accessed
  • State mental health records would be sent to FBI’s National Instant Background Check System
  • Substance abuse records would also be filed in the same database
  • Shotguns and rifles would be prohibited in public, even if concealed, except in hunting or target shooting situations

What about individuals who already own semiautomatics? The bill states that such owners could retain the weapons, however selling would be restricted to out-of-state buyers.

Adversaries to these bills argue that the Big Brother concept is overbearing in a land where freedom is valued.  Do you think these measures are too extreme?

Read about current gun laws in Rhode Island under Chapter 11-47, which addresses:

  • Carrying weapons during the commission of a perilous crime
  • Theft of a Firearm or Weapons
  • Current licensing requirements as well as stipulated fees
  • Concealment laws, in addition to restricted areas for possession or carrying weapons
  • The sales, distribution and possession of weapons

Whatever the outcome for these bills drafted, if you or someone you know has been charged with a gun-related crime, contact the law offices of John R. Grasso today. Contact the RI criminal defense attorneys at 401-272-4001.

Source: The Providence Journal