Bank And Loan Fraud

Arrested for a State or Federal Charge of Bank and Loan Fraud?

If you have been arrested and charged with a state or federal count of bank and loan fraud, then you are probably aware of the serious nature of your case.  You are probably an extremely intelligent professional, savvy to the financial markets and various legal implications of bank and loan fraud – and that is exactly why you should contact an experienced Rhode Island criminal defense attorney immediately.

At the Rhode Island Law Offices of John R. Grasso, your criminal defense attorney will guide you through the legal process, analyzing every facet of your RI bank and loan fraud arrest in his efforts to obtain the most favorable possible result in court.  With Attorney John R. Grasso defending your rights, you can rest assured that your legal counsel will represent you with zealous advocacy and exemplary legal strategy.

Don’t hesitate another minute, or risk your future and livelihood on an inexperienced or unsuccessful RI criminal lawyer. Attorney John R. Grasso offers all potential clients a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss their case. Contact the Law Offices of John R. Grasso today.

What Might Happen if I am Convicted of Bank and Loan Fraud?

Under United States and Rhode Island law, bank and loan fraud refers to the use of fraudulent means to obtain money, property or other assets of a bank or financial institution. Bank fraud is often defined as a “white collar crime” and has serious consequences that can have life-altering implications.

As arrests and convictions for federal and state cases of bank and loan fraud have been prevalent during the economic crisis, you can be certain that prosecutors at both the state and federal level will work tirelessly to obtain a conviction in a financial fraud case.  With this conviction on your record, you may be facing:

  • Long prison sentences in state or federal prison;
  • Hefty fines and orders of restitution;
  • An inability to earn a livelihood upon release from prison;
  • Loss of your civil rights;
  • Unwanted notoriety and possible social stigma as a white collar criminal

If you are facing jail time and penalties for a bank and loan fraud arrest, don’t take a chance on your future with a criminal defense attorney whose legal experience and skills are untested. At the Rhode Island Law Offices of John R. Grasso, your criminal defense attorney has a background in law enforcement that spans over a decade, and has dedicated 100% of his legal practice to defense in the Rhode Island state and federal criminal courts.

A conviction for bank and loan fraud carries serious consequences. If you are being investigated for bank and loan fraud, Attorney John R. Grasso has the experience and knowledge you need to successfully defend your case in state and federal court. With a record of successfully dismissed charges and not-guilty verdicts, the Rhode Island Law Offices of John R. Grasso can provide the professional legal representation you desire.

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