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According to the FBI, there were 1,214 reported violent crimes in Providence, Rhode Island in 2010. The consequences of a conviction for a violent crime might have irreversible consequences. If you are not a citizen of the United States, the consequences may result in deportation or exclusion. When you are faced with a criminal charge, you are best guided by a criminal defense attorney who understands the legal and personal challenges you are facing.

At the Rhode Island Law Offices of John R. Grasso, your criminal defense attorney has the knowledge and understanding to provide you with the best defense possible against your arrest and violent crime charge.  As a former police officer and Rhode Island criminal defense attorney John R. Grasso has years of experience as both a police officer and criminal attorney, and has seen both sides of the justice system as it relates to violent crimes in Rhode Island.   With this extensive experience on both sides of the law, Attorney Grasso can provide unique insight on police procedures and the collection of evidence the prosecution will use to build its case.

Violent Crime Lawyer in Rhode Island

Whether you have been arrested for simple assault, battery, domestic violence, kidnapping, manslaughter, homicide, or terrorist threats, the consequences of a criminal conviction and sentencing may change your life in incredibly drastic ways.  Your civil rights may be stripped away, you may be sentenced to a long prison term, and you may never be able to restore your status as a productive citizen.

Even if you are completely innocent, the arrest and charges filed against you indicate that the prosecution has enough evidence to pursue a conviction.  While this may seem unjust, the unfortunate reality of the situation is that everyday many innocent people are convicted of crimes they did not commit.  Without the guidance and advocacy of a Rhode Island criminal lawyer, you are putting yourself at risk for an overloaded and often times over-zealous justice system to obtain a conviction against you, regardless of your innocence or guilt.  A lawyer with experience defending clients arrested for violent crimes in Rhode Island will be your best defense against this risk.

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Regardless of the crime you are accused of committing, it is imperative that you immediately begin to protect and defend your rights.  At the Rhode Island Law Offices of John R. Grasso, our attorneys understand the confusion and despair you are feeling, and we are here to help.

RI criminal lawyer John R. Grasso will guide you and your case through the system with the time, preparation, respect, and persistence you should expect when you hire a private attorney. We will defend your case the same way we have successfully defended other clients with all types of misdemeanors, felonies, and appeals.

Don’t take a chance on a public defender or attempt to fight the prosecution on your own. Contact Rhode Island criminal lawyer John R. Grasso today for a free consultation and see how a criminal defense attorney can help defend your rights and restore your freedom.

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