Federal Crimes

In the United States, a federal crime or federal offense is a crime that is made illegal by U.S. federal legislation. In the United States, criminal law and prosecution happen at both the federal and the state level; thus a “federal crime” is one that is prosecuted under federal criminal law, and not under a state’s criminal law, where most of the crimes committed in the United States are prosecuted.

Numerous federal agencies have been granted powers to investigate federal offenses to include, but not limited to, the ATF, DEA, FBI, ICE, IRS, Secret Service, et al.

Federal investigations and prosecutions can be particularly difficult given the federal government’s almost unlimited amount of resources and time, and the fact that most federal crimes carry mandatory minimum sentences.

Attorney John R. Grasso has years of experience in federal criminal law and will bring the ability to form a well-planned, aggressive defense to a federal investigation and prosecution.

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