not guilty domestic violence

Pandemic Patience Pays Off

“Our first client to have her case tried since the courts stopped trying cases due to COVID-19 proved how important it was to be patient. After a full trial on the merits, the verdict was not guilty. We knew from the moment of arrest that the so-called “victim” made a false complaint of domest...  Read more
two college clients were exonerated of alleged wrongdoing on campus

Another Title IX Exoneration

"Another Title IX exoneration.  A year after two college students engaged in consensual sex, one of those students filed a complaint against the other that she was incapacitated and unable to consent to the encounter.  We investigated, considered eye witness observations from others of both studen...  Read more

Title IX: Bryant University

Smithfield Police investigated Bryant College student on an allegation of first degree sexual assault. The student and his family retained our services to represent the young man during the investigation. After fully cooperating with the police, developing and facilitating the discovery of evidence,...  Read more