Attorney John R. Grasso Helps Prison Guard Pursue Justice


When Wyatt Detention Center prison guard Lt. Scot Belford was attacked by an inmate in a routine prison extraction procedure, he expected the institution that employed him to support him and seek out a remedy in Belford’s best interest.  However, after months of waiting, Lt. Belford still has not seen the inmate suffer any increased consequences and the Wyatt Detention Center has pushed the case off to the US Federal Marshals and denied breaking standard protocol.

In his pursuit of justice, Lt. Belford contacted Rhode Island criminal defense attorney, and former Rhode Island police officer, John R. Grasso to assist in his case.  According to Attorney Grasso:

“Scot said ‘I’m the victim of a violent crime and it appears that my own institution which has its own internal affairs and own internal investigatory authority, hasn’ttaken any action against this inmate who assaulted me.” … “So he asked if I could help.”

“It was clear to me and my understanding of the law that this inmate had violated at least one criminal offense …a felony assault.”

“He’s a guy that wears a uniform to work everyday and does a pretty dangerous job and anyone who does that and then gets injured as a result would expect their agency to back them up.  He has hard feelings.”

While the case is still circulating through the various levels of the Rhode Island state and federal institutions, Attorney John R. Grasso is dedicated to making sure that Lt. Belford does not suffer any further harm in a job already filled with risks everyday.

To read the full story, by Tim White of WPRI, click here.


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