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John R. Grasso is an experienced DUI Lawyer in Rhode Island and is committed to bringing about the best possible resolution to your criminal case. DUI issues in RI can really cause things to change in your  life. Take the necessary steps to avoid this trouble. Defending yourself against a driving while intoxicated (DUI) charge is never easy. In Rhode Island, there are a few things you need to know before you hire a DUI attorney. If stopped by a police officer while operating a standard motor vehicle and your breathalyzer results measure in excess of .08, then you are over the legal drinking limit. That measurement changes from .08 to .04 if one is operating a commercial vehicle. In Rhode Island, a commercial vehicle is any vehicle that requires the operator to possess a CDL license.

The type of Rhode Island DUI lawyer you hire will depend on a number of factors. First, you should consider any prior charges, including additional DUI charges, that may weigh negatively on your current DUI charge.

How DUI Lawyer Will Help You

Our knowledgeable and experienced Rhode Island Criminal Attorney will guide you through the defense process and alert you to all the possible penalties that you face. For example, if you have been arrested and charged with DUI for the first time, you can expect to pay a fine and possibly receive minimal jail time. Often, reputable DUI attorneys in Rhode Island can help first time offenders claim time-served upon arrest in lieu of additional jail time. Persons with additional DUI charges on their record can expect subsequent penalties, up to and including a minimum of ten days jail time and at least a $100 fine. Whether it’s a first time offense or you have a prior DUI charge on your record, hiring a skilled Rhode Island DUI attorney is the best way to defend your freedom.

Implications of DUI Charges in Rhode Island

There is a law of implied consent in Rhode Island. This law states once a person is pulled over under suspicion of driving drunk and they refuse a breathalyzer test, they are subject to a fine and an automatic license suspension. In case such as those, the best choice for representation is the legal services of an experienced Rhode Island DUI attorney with a high success rate defending clients in DUI cases. It is possible to be assigned community service as an alternative to jail time, but in addition to any fines and license suspension. Only a Rhode Island DUI attorney can advise you on the possible outcomes of your individual case.

Becoming a do-it-yourself attorney through internet research is not wise when defending yourself against a DUI charge. As the laws governing DUI charges may change, a well-versed DUI attorney in Rhode Island will be advised of such changes and can help you determine how any changes may affect your case. If you find yourself facing a DUI charge, contact a trusted Rhode Island dui attorney to discuss the particulars of your individual case.

DUI in Rhode Island is more of a common issue than one may think. We have more and more cases filed at our office each year. Given the stress of the current economy and many other social factors, drunk driving is on the rise in Providence and surrounding areas. Contact our Rhode Island Law Office today for more information.