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Have You Been Arrested on a Rhode Island Criminal Child Snatching Charge?

Let an expert RI lawyer resolve the case. Child snatching is sometimes not perceived as such by another parent or legal guardian. However, when a court orders custodial and visitation rights for  a child, and the said parent or guardian fails to comply with the orders of the court, it is a crime.

In fact, child snatching is a felony as it relates to Rhode Island laws. Nevertheless, if a parent or guardian becomes accused of this crime, there is help.

John R. Grasso will work diligently to present the best legal defenses possible, whether the failure to return a child was due to circumstances beyond your control, or some other incident.

With an accomplished RI defense attorney to help, defendants have the possibility to successfully overcome their trial – with less or no charges.

Definition of Child Snatching:

Rhode Island Code Chapter 11-26 defines child snatching as taking a child under the age of eighteen, and specifically with the intention to deny the other legal parent or guardian access to their child – all while under the orders of the court.

It falls under the division of kidnapping crimes. This section code also describes affirmative defenses for child snatching. These include:

  • The defendant had legal visitation rights, or had lawful custody that was ordered by the court
  • The defendant acted in this manner due to a threat of domestic violence
  • The defendant was unable to return the child due to uncontrollable circumstances, and that the defendant having been caught in this situation, made attempts to contact and inform the other lawful guardian or parent. Also, the defendant made an attempt to return the child within twenty four hours to the other parent, after their visitation time was complete.

An expert RI lawyer, whether the child snatching took place inside or outside Rhode Island, can present the best defenses to lessen or dismiss the penalties.

What Are the Consequences of Rhode Island Child Snatching Charges?

Child snatching is a felony that is punishable by:

  • Up to 10 Years in prison, and/or
  • Up to $10,000 in fines

Contact an Aggressive Child Snatching Defense Attorney in Rhode Island

A child snatching case may be as simple as the miscommunication between parents and legal guardians, or as complex as intentionally denying a parent’s rights to their child/children.

Don’t risk prison, or worse, all rights to your child. Don’t wait on what will happen next. Instead, get in touch with the Rhode Island Law Offices of John R. Grasso for a free consultation now.

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