How To Choose A Criminal Defense Attorney in Rhode Island

This post will provide some of the top tips for choosing a criminal defense attorney in Rhode Island – or anywhere else:

  1. History of Success – Review this Rhode Island lawyer’s website, as well as external client reviews to determine the attorney’s rate of success. Another important factor is if this success is recent. To find this information, navigate to the recent case results or client testimonials section of the RI Lawyer’s site for a full overview of “not guilty” verdicts, or reduced sentencing for varied crimes.
  2. Disclosure – Ensure that all conversations are confidential, and that this is signed in an agreement.
  3. Specialty – Lawyers who have specific areas of practice will be more knowledgeable about the top defenses, best practices, and uncovering evidence in a defendant’s favor.
  4. Diverse Knowledge – A lawyer who has worked in law enforcement will know firsthand how the prosecution gathers evidence. John Grasso has worked in both law enforcement and criminal defense.

An experienced criminal defense attorney is able to bring defendants the best outcome for their case. For instance:

  • DUI Offenders

    – may receive alternative sentencing and retain his or her driver’s license.

  • Drug Possession Offenders

    – may receive time in a drug education program versus spending time in jail with the help of a drug defense lawyer by their side.

  • A DUI Manslaughter Case

    – may be reduced to a lower penalty crime, with the plea bargaining skills of a defense attorney.

  • Theft

    – may subject offenders to deportation, given that this is a crime of moral turpitude. With a criminal defense attorney however, these proceedings can be stopped before it’s even started.

* Cases may vary.

If you’ve been arrested for a criminal offense such as drug sales, murder, rape, kidnapping or other crimes, contact the RI criminal defense lawyers at 401-272-4001.