Divorce Proceedings in Rhode Island

Spouses who are facing custody, alimony, or asset division challenges should contact an attorney to help ease the process. Some of the qualities you should seek in an attorney include confidentiality, reputation, and proven success.

Marital disputes can additionally be resolved with mediation or counseling, but sometimes this is not an option when two parties disagree. To help get a fair hearing, your family lawyer will examine the case and provide key guidelines on what to expect for common issues such as child support and custody.

In addition, the attorney will advise clients based on outlines that are specific to Rhode Island laws including at-fault and no fault divorces. Guidelines for changing your name, and division of assets. Some of the steps that you can take would be to collect all signed documents to the initial meeting.

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While numerous options exist for online filing or self-application, some cases as depicted earlier, are more challenging. These include disagreements with visitation, as well as property distribution.

Our law offices are renowned in the area, because our clients hire us to succeed in whatever legal battles they may be facing. We’ve handled both contested and non-contested divorces.

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