Rhode Island Armed Robbery Defense

A forty nine year old man was arrested for a series of armed robberies in the Warwick area, as per WPRI news.

While investigators are looking into the details of the suspect’s four robberies, here’s more information on what armed robberies mean in the eyes of the court, the penalties, and top defenses:

Robbery is defined as stealing property from someone else’s immediate possession – and with the use of force, violence or threat. Due to the fact that the suspect was observed brandishing a handgun in all four incidents, the crime is considered to be robbery, as opposed to theft or burglary.

The Penalties for Rhode Island Robbery:

There are two types of robberies: 1st and 2nd degree robbery, both of which are felonies that cannot be expunged if convicted.

The penalties for 1st degree robbery in rhode island include a maximum life imprisonment, and/or fifteen thousand in fines. This type of robbery happens when a victim sustains physical injury, if a weapon was used, or when victims are seniors.

2nd degree robbery on the other hand is penalized by up to thirty years in prison, and/or up to ten thousand in fines.

Even when the evidence is stacking up against a defendant, there are still defenses that a lawyer can help with.

A robbery suspect could be falsely accused, given that witnesses were flustered at the time. It’s not unusual for suspects to be misidentified in these cases. A lawyer will conduct their own investigative work to help clients win.

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Source: WPRI.com