Reinstating a License Following A DUI

Here’s what you need to know about reinstating your driver’s license if you lost it due to driving under the influence:

Check the date of expiration – once this is fulfilled, an application can be made to reinstate the license.

Attend a Hearing – drivers will be subject to review, where an officer will be scheduled to determine if the driver poses any risk to public safety while driving. An attorney can help to plead the case.

Failure to Comply – with the terms of a suspended driver’s license will lead to more penalties. It’s imperative to follow all court orders and avoid being in contempt of the court.

Fees of Reinstatement – the driver must pay $350 upon application to renew his or her driver’s license. This is fee incurred by DUI drivers. Other drivers whose license have been suspended for other reasons pay $150 for reinstatement. As an additional and unrelated note, individuals whose licenses were suspended for physical or mental impairments pay no fines for reapplication.

Refer to Rhode Island General Laws 31-11-10 to learn more about reinstating a driver’s license.  More helpful resources include the DMV, where license validity can be assessed online.

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License suspension isn’t the only issue defendants will face in DUI cases. Other sentences include a record, higher insurance rates, possible jail time, fines, participation in drug education classes and more.