Preparing For the Bar Exam: An Introduction

As law students around the country prepare to take the Bar exam this summer, Rhode Island criminal defense attorney John R. Grasso has written a step-by-step guide for future lawyers to plan, prepare, and pass the Bar exam on the first try.  While your friends and law school peers bury themselves in books and hole up in the library with no plan and organization, with some diligence and focus, you’ll be ready to tackle the 2012 Bar exam with RI criminal defense lawyer John R. Grasso’s bar exam study guide.

With the stress and time consuming nature of Bar prep, discipline and plan of attack are going to be your best friends for three months. Whether you are studying to be a civil litigator, a tax attorney, general counsel of a business, or criminal lawyer, your strategy for studying for the Bar exam will be an important step to beginning your legal career.

If you have been struggling to organize your notes, or BarBri just isn’t enough, follow the legal blog of Attorney John R. Grasso for the next two weeks and you will have a free week-by-week Bar prep guide to help you pass the Bar exam in 2012.  Just follow the link below to get started, but keep following this blog for more tips and advice from a Rhode Island lawyer on how to study for the 2012 bar exam.

You can find the Introduction to John’s Bar study guide here: Bar Exam Preparation – For Law Students