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Don’t get labeled as a child sex offender. Instead, fight these allegations and win. Whether you’ve been accused of molesting a child or an adult, it pays to hire a lawyer, who can help dismiss or reduce charges, based on the evidence in your favor.

A molestation on your record extends beyond the courtroom. It can stop you from getting a decent job or home to live in.

Don’t smear your good name. John R. Grasso has handled molestation cases as both a former police officer and now, as a lawyer – to defend those who have been falsely accused.

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Definition of Molestation:

Rhode Island Code Chapter 11-37 defines Molestation as abusing someone sexually, by making unwanted sexual contact or advances toward them. In many instances, it entails a minor under 18, and doesn’t necessarily include intercourse.

Adult Molestation

First Degree Sexual Assault

– which is having intercourse through force, violence or threat. This is also known as rape and warrants up to life in prison, or a minimum of ten years behind bars.

Second Degree Sexual Assault/Molestation

– The accused made unwanted sexual advances or contact with someone else through force, violence, threat, intimidation, or through a medical exam. This is a felony that has sentences of a minimum of three years, or up to 15 years in prison.

Child Molestation

First Degree Sex Assault

– If a child under the age of 14 is raped, which ties closely to molestation, the sentencing will include a minimum of twenty five years in prison, or a maximum life imprisonment.

Second Degree Sex Assault/Child Molestation

– If someone under the age of 14 endures sexual advances or contact, the sentencing includes between 6-30 years in prison.

It is very common for individuals to become accused of such crimes, from partners, students or  other parents – in the name of defamation.

This is usually for the accuser’s own benefit, such as to win custody battles, or get better divorce proceedings. While many cases of molestation and child molestation are real, and John R. Grasso doesn’t dispute this, many claims turn out to be false.

Having worked as a former cop, John R. Grasso will cross examine the evidence to uncover details and defenses that will work in your favor.

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