Internet Privacy After Death

Does your privacy die after death? If you’re concerned that your privacy may be breached in the afterlife, digital lawyers like John R. Grasso are now available to keep this from happening.


  • Photos, Videos and Other Memorabilia – who would you like these assets left to?
  • Facebook Pages – Facebook, with its millions of users, is one of the most widely used forms of social media to date. Will relatives or friends have access to posts and messages following death? You decide.
  • Other Assets – include blogs, online bank accounts, financial records and other social media accounts.

How to Protect Privacy after Death

Estate owners are able to mandate the following:

  • Delete accounts following death.
  • Turn over access information, with limits for reading communications.
  • Set up memorial pages on Facebook.

Each platform furthermore has different Terms of Agreement regarding how accounts of decedents are handled.

The Uniform Commission Law grants access to certain fiduciaries to make decisions about what happens to one’s internet privacy, not only after death, but also in the event that someone becomes disabled. These fiduciaries include power of attorneys, guardians, trustees and executors.

Rhode Island is one of the five states with laws in place concerning internet privacy following death. It addresses how digital assets will be processed, and by whom – a choice individuals can make long before the passing day.

There’s a long way to go where nationwide legislation is concerned, but for now, digital estate owners are able to put a plan in-action to maintain privacy of internet conversations and postings – rather than allowing anyone of interest to access these files.

Creating a digital estate plan is simpler and more affordable than you think. Contact John R. Grasso to learn more. Call 401-272-4001.

Source: Uniform Law Commission’s: Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets

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