Accessory After The Fact in Rhode Island

Are you guilty of helping someone get away with a crime? Were you unaware that you were even affiliated with an offense? Then you need to contact the Island law offices of John R. Grasso today. We will help to prove your innocence and get the most favorable outcome for your case.

An accessory after the fact is defined as intentionally helping or hiding a defendant in a criminal case. As a clichéd example, an accomplice in a getaway car aids a bank robber; or a murderer is hidden by a romantic partner. If these partners were contacted for help to flee the scene, then the prosecution will charge them as an accessory after the fact. If help was given prior to the crime, this is known as being an Accessory Before The Fact, which carries serious penalties.

Many accessory after the fact cases occur in instances when a friend or family member is facing arrest, or when they’re awaiting trial.  Nevertheless, in order for the prosecution to bring the case to court, one key element would need to be proven and that is the defendant knew they were assisting someone else involved in a crime.  A lawyer can help to prove your innocence if you had no knowledge of a crime being committed.

Legal Defenses for RI Accessory After The Fact

A skilled criminal defense attorney can help prove that a defendant of this crime acted out of fear or threat by the original perpetrator. A gun or weapon may have been used to coerce the defendant into driving a getaway car or opening a door for instance.

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