Assaulting a Police Officer Rhode Island

WPRI News in April reported that a woman allegedly endeavored to stab a cop in the chest, which was subdued by a protective vest. Christine Poncia, the officer on duty, suffered minor stab wounds to her hands, according to the report. The incident transpired when police were summoned to the defendant’s home for being loud, after which an arrest was attempted, and the defendant fought back.

The event was additionally caught on camera.

Wright, who is the defendant, is currently charged with felony assault. This crime is examined in Rhode Island Title Code 11-5-5, which happens when someone intentionally aims to assault or batter an official.

It’s penalized by up to three years in prison and up to fifteen hundred dollars in fines, or both.

Other officials examined in this legal code include, but aren’t limited to state police, park police, a probation officer, a judge, sheriff, firefighter, a public transportation driver and others.

The code declares that if someone deliberately uses force, chemicals, or a weapon on such officials, it’s considered to be a felony assault. This applies to officers who are in plain clothes, but on duty nevertheless.

Despite the fact that this case seemed to be a legitimate assault on a police officer, based on the wounds that were suffered, in other instances, there’s room for defense. Examples: A defendant could be falsely accused; there could be some police misconduct at play; or self-defense is another plausible justification in some scenarios.

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