Update on Wyatt’s Detention Assault Case

Police misconduct for concealing or tampering with evidence was suspected at the Wyatt Detention Center recently, when Lt. Belford claimed to have been assaulted by an inmate. The center failed to investigate or take disciplinary measures. What’s more is that prior to the assault, Belford was given improper directions as to how to detain or handcuff the assailant. Subsequently, Belford took to his own legal services, where an independent investigation was made.

The findings of this report are anticipated shortly, according to the official site of the Secretary of State. Nancy Bailey was commissioned with this private investigation by the State Police, after suspicions arose that Wyatt’s lead management tampered or destroyed the evidence showing the assault.

The release of the report to the public will likely unleash some issues for the detention facility, depending on the findings. So far, approximately 28K has been budgeted and used for this private investigation, thanks to the legal efforts of Belford’s lawyers, and the State Police who got on board after several appeals.

This assault case actually happened in April 2011, but even two years later, the case is still drawing a lot of press, given that the facility turned on one of their own. Morales, the defendant, has already been charged with assault, and will face sentencing in May 2013.

See the initial report here.

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Source: WPRI.com