Wyatt’s Official Termination of Head of Security

Following a detailed and independent investigation by the local state police department, as well as Corrections Consultant  Nancy Bailey, a recent decision was made to terminate Major Christopher Coburn from the Wyatt Detention Prison. Coburn was accused of destroying evidence showcasing an inmate assaulting a prison guard, Lt. Belford, well over two years ago.

The case has been spotlighted in several media reports, as Lieutenant Belford and his legal team have been fighting incessantly for justice. The case was swept under the rug by prison officials following Belford’s recount of the incident, when he was given improper instructions to handcuff Morales – the defendant accused of assaulting him.

Prison conventions require that officers handcuff inmates facing away from them; the assaulted lieutenant was told to do the opposite by his supervisor.

The investigation is ongoing and will look into other parties, according to news reports. Presently, the inmate has also been charged with a felony assault and battery. He was initially scheduled for release in 2011.

Due to the strain faced by the assaulted officer, his attorney John Grasso is working aggressively for worker’s compensation – following the mistreatment of the Detention Center on one of their own employee. Stay tuned for more updates, and read the initial report here.

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Source: WPRI.com