Dram Shop Laws in Rhode Island

Dram shop laws aren’t commonly referenced, but in rare instances a bar owner or holder of a liquor license may come under fire for being liable, or partly liable for a DUI that ended badly.

The Rhode Island Liquor Liability Act is still in existence today, and it carries penalties when an owner or bar staff serves liquor recklessly to patrons.

There are key elements in this title code, and it includes that a server must be trained to pinpoint patrons that are visibly under the influence of alcohol. When this observation is made, servers are refrained for serving additional alcoholic beverages. In addition, no alcohol should be served to individuals under the age of 21 years old.

Any individual accused of negligently serving liquor could possibly face lawsuits for the injury or deaths that occurred as a result of this negligence. The circumstances however vary, and a criminal defense attorney is able to examine the case in its entirety to bring the best defense.

It’s also important to note that these allegations should never be taken lightly given that very large settlements may be claimed, leaving defendants in sticky financial situations, as well as the loss of business licenses, and a tainted reputation.

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