Rhode Island Domestic Violence and False Accusations

In a crime that involves only two people, how does one prove their innocence in domestic violence accusations?

In many instances, current or former partners use this claim to aid in:

  • Divorce proceedings
  • Child custody battles
  • Alimony

The accuser could also be making this claim out of spite.

In such instances, or even when a restraining order is filed, a domestic violence lawyer can step in to prove your innocence, maintain your dignity, and keep you out of jail.

While no charges are usually filed for the false accuser, an experienced lawyer can research the details of the case, in order to find the loopholes that pinpoint to the defendant’s innocence.

What Is Domestic Violence?

When people consider domestic violence, many times this is thought of as a physical assault against one’s partner. The laws however aren’t so simple. Domestic violence, as per Rhode Island laws, also entail mental and sexual abuse. In some states, domestic abuse even means financial abuse.

In addition, the laws for domestic violence don’t only apply to an intimate partner. It could be anyone that the offender is living with, including elders, children, males or females.

There are extra penalties for domestic violence against certain individuals. As an example, if the abused were an elder or someone that is physically impaired,  the charges can be amplified.

Related Domestic Violence Crimes

Restraining orders are typically handed to those found guilty of domestic violence. A RI criminal defense lawyer can research each case to find how to prove one’s innocence.

Thousands of domestic violence cases are processed each year in Rhode Island courts. Some accusations are true, and victims are subjected to very cruel circumstances. In other instances however, the accused becomes the victim of a web of lies.

The lawyer can unravel this made-up story to keep clients out of jail.

Domestic violence charges can have many dire consequences on those who are falsely accused. In addition to jail time and high fines, the defendant may also be ordered to register as a lifetime sex offender in some of the trials.

If you’ve been arrested for any type of domestic violence crime, it’s important to contact a Rhode Island criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

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