The Consequences of Refusing a Breathalyzer Test in Rhode Island

Refusing the Breathalyzer test carries consequences in the state of Rhode Island, as well as several states nationwide. Drivers may be subject to an automatic driver’s license suspension and more penalties.

Rhode Island Title Code 31-27-2.1 elaborates on this decree, and stipulates that anyone who gets behind the wheel with a valid driver’s license inevitably agrees to a chemical test. Opponents dispute this as a violation of one’s civil rights.

The law furthermore outlines that the officer on duty should have probable cause to suspect a DUI, prior to submitting a Breathalyzer test. Generally speaking, law enforcement will observe the driver’s behavior for a few minutes, and conduct a field sobriety test prior to taking a Breathalyzer reading.

Drivers have other rights too, such as refusing chemical tests for medical and religious reasons. A DUI attorney should be able to assist in relieving penalties in these circumstances, by filing the necessary affidavits with the court or DMV.

Drivers who are now facing fines and loss of driving privileges should contact a DUI attorney in Rhode Island to determine the options available for defense. Your defense attorney may be able to assist in retaining driver’s privileges.

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