Pawtucket Police Seize Nearly 360 Pounds of Marijuana

PAWTUCKET, R.I. — Police seized nearly 360 pounds of marijuana and arrested four men Tuesday after an investigation led to a second-floor apartment at 361 Fountain St.

All face felony drug-possession charges and conspiracy. All were seen in District Court, Providence, and were held without bail until a Dec. 28 hearing. Their pre-arraignment conference was set for Feb. 15.

Kevin Colquhoon, 38, of 361 Fountain St., and Oral Swaby, 39, of 373 Fountain St., were also charged with maintaining a nuisance and distributing/manufacturing near a school. Swaby had three conspiracy charges and two counts of delivery.

The others were Kirk Thompson, 33, of 21 Vera Dr. in Dorchester, Mass., and Justin Warner, 21, of 11 Summit St. in Central Falls.”

Read the original article, by Donita Taylor, at the Providence Journal Online.

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