Notice of Monitoring Of Employee E-Mail Communications and Internet Access

With the digital age comes numerous methods of communication. For employers, this can be a blessing or a curse. How can you keep track of conversations, professionalism and time management – within legal limits? The HR department may have some insight, but ultimately a lawyer should review all contracts prior to issuance.

Legal Aid for Employers

Need to know the right way to set up a notice for access to email and internet browsing history, without legal complications? Speak to John Grasso today. Cover your bases by not only working with the Human Resources Department, but also having a second pair of legal eyes look over documents and agreements.

Some of the top concerns that companies have when it comes to the employees’ usage of communication include:

  • Compromised Quality – how do companies ensure that only quality emails and phone calls are generated by employees? One of the top methods of doing so is through monitoring.
  • Wasted Resources – many firms want to ensure maximum productivity and profits. To ensure this, tracking is installed – legally and though signed disclosures.
  • Secrets of the Trade – even though firms can’t keep track of employees’ every move, while on the job, perusing phone calls, emails, faxes and other methods of communication ensures both quality assurance and lack of breaches in policy.

Employers conversely, are restricted from requesting access to staff’s personal social media accounts, for obvious reasons – these are personal pages.

Legal Assistance for Employees

The law offices of John Grasso too, will work with employees who’ve had their privacy breached, and their future employment compromised.

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