What to Expect Following A DUI Arrest

Drivers that are arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence will face a series of actions, including:

  1. Law enforcement will usually have probable cause to stop a driver and question them for drunk driving. Officers are trained to detect certain behavior that points to intoxication, including weaving between traffic, speeding, or driving on the opposite side of the road. A lawyer can however provide valid explanations for these actions – besides intoxication.
  2. A field sobriety test is usually executed by a trained officer, and if the driver fails, a Breathalyzer test may be conducted on the roadway, or upon arrival at the county jail.
  3. Upon arrest, police officers will detail a written report that is usually filed and submitted in court. A background check is ran, and biometrics are taken.
  4. Personal property is stored in safekeeping, and arrestees have the option to contact an attorney.
  5. Upon release, a temporary driver’s license is issued.

Drivers can then expect to face trial for driving under the influence, where an attorney can defend their innocence, or negotiate plea bargains with the prosecution team to a lower-sentencing, or another offense, such as dry or wet reckless driving.

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