State Police Arrested 10 for DUI On New Years Eve and New Years Day

“On New Year’s Eve and the early New Year’s Day, the State Police arrested 10 people for driving under the influence (DUI). The most notable incident involved a motorist who rear-ended a police cruiser that was stopped with its flashing lights on at another accident.

The accident occurred at 6:39 a.m. Sunday. The vehicle was going north on Route 95 at the intersection of Charles Street in Providence, said Lt. Kelsey Marshall.

Candido Arias, 59, of 659 Chalkstone Ave., Providence, was charged with driving under the influence. Arias suffered minor injuries in the accident, Marshall said, and consented to a blood-alcohol test at Rhode Island Hospital. Arias had four passengers who were also treated for minor injuries as was one of the troopers at the scene.”

Read the original article, by Peter Phipps, in the Providence Journal Online.

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