A criminal charge can be a life-altering experience that brings with it overwhelming fear and disruption to you and your family’s life. The consequences of a conviction might have irreversible consequences. If you are not a citizen of the United States, the consequences may result in deportation or exclusion. When you are faced with a criminal charge, you are best guided by a criminal defense attorney who understands the challenges in front of you.

You will have questions about how your case will proceed, what is going to happen next, what the proceedings mean, and how to prepare a strategy for your defense. Our priority is first to keep you informed. You will have direct access to your lawyer. We will return your calls, answer your questions, and explain every step in the process.

As a former police officer, attorney grasso knows how to defend even the toughest charges. He will guide you and your case through the system with the time, preparation, respect, and persistence you should expect when you hire a private attorney. We will defend your case the same way we have successfully defended other clients with all types of misdemeanors, felonies, and appeals including: