Marijuana Decriminalized in Rhode Island

As of April 1, 2013, Marijuana Possession is now legal – in small quantities.

Lawmakers have approved the possession of less than one ounce of non-concentrated marijuana for non-medical patients. Those holding this substance in their possession will no longer face misdemeanor charges and will instead receive a citation of $150.

This marks another milestone for advocates of marijuana use. The previous milestone occurred in 2006, when medical marijuana was legalized in Rhode Island.

What Does Decriminalization Of Marijuana Mean?

If there’s still a $150 fine placed on marijuana possession, isn’t it still a crime if you have to pay up?

It’s not a crime, but instead a civil offense. There’s no jail time involved and fines are substantially lowered.

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  1. Does a civil offense for marijuana possession go on Rhode Island criminal records?
  2. Do employers have access to this information?
  3. Find out how to expunge criminal records in Rhode Island
  4. How will the new bill affect DUI charges?
  5. Is it still illegal to smoke and drive?

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