Accused/Arrested for Domestic Violence in Rhode Island?

If you have ever been accused of, or arrested for, domestic violence or domestic assault, you are well aware of the devastation that can occur both personally and professionally.  Almost immediately, you may be stigmatized and ostracized by once close family and friends.  You may be arrested, interrogated, and have parental or custodial rights stripped away.  In general, life as you know it may be turned on its axis in a heartbeat.

Because of the emotional nature of a domestic violence accusation/arrest in Rhode Island, it is important that you do whatever it takes to prevent a domestic violence accusation from becoming a recorded conviction.

First and foremost, you must immediately contact a criminal defense attorney with experience in domestic violence charges 

While you may be inclined to attempt a personal reconciliation with your accuser, it is in your best interest to first discuss the matter with an experienced criminal defense attorney.   He or she will be better suited to offer legal advice, without being influenced by the emotional nature of the accusation.

Additionally, if you have been arrested and charged with domestic violence or domestic assault, your accuser may have received a temporary restraining order against you.  Any contact from you may have serious legal consequences.

If you are in the process of fighting a domestic violence charge, criminal defense attorney John R. Grasso can provide you experienced, aggressive representation and will fight to ensure your charges do not result in a conviction on your record.