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Definition of Resisting Arrest:

Rhode Island Code Chapter 12-7-10 defines resisting arrest as the following:

  • When someone uses force or a weapon to stop an arrest
  • The individual was aware that they were being arrested
  • The arrest was being carried out by a peace officer
  • The individual was aware that the individual making the arrest was a peace officer
  • There are several scenarios that can play out when someone willfully resists an arrest. These include that the person being arrested was fighting back, or he/she tried to run away.
  • If the defendant used a weapon or force, and the officer sustained bodily injuries defendants may additionally face assault and battery charges.

Even so, it’s not uncommon for false accusations to follow an arrest. The Rhode Island Law Offices of John R. Grasso will investigate the history, the evidence, and the proceedings of the police officer.

Definition of a Peace Officer

Rhode Island Code Chapter 12-7-21 defines a peace officer as (but not limited to):

  • A member of the Rhode Island state police
  • An associate of the local or municipal police department
  • Rhode Island airport corporation police; park police, capitol police, conservation officers and fire marshals
  • A recognized college campus security personnel
  • An officer who works in the sheriff’s department
  • The attorney general
  • A recognized investigator or correctional officer
  • A warden or sergeant
  • More (refer to RI title code 12-7-21)

There are also codes that protect police officers when making an arrest on improper grounds. However, John R. Grasso is able to uncover all the details of the case, to present an argument on solid ground.

The evidence in question can include video recordings of the arrest; the peace officer’s background; and his/her history of aggressiveness during previous arrests.

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What Are the Consequences of Rhode Island Resisting Arrest Charges?

Resisting Arrest is punishable in Rhode Island by:

  • Up to $500 in fines
  • Up to 1 year in prison

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