State of Rhode Island Dept. of Transportation: I-95 Pawtucket River Bridge Restrictions

From the RI Department of Transportation website:

“The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) has posted the maximum vehicle weight for the Pawtucket River Bridge (Bridge #550) at 18 tons. Also restricted is any single vehicle equipped with more than two axles or any combination vehicle equipped with more than two axles per unit, except emergency vehicles, state vehicles, municipal vehicles, truck tractors and RIPTA vehicles. Restricted vehicles will need to use alternate routes.”

With these restrictions in place, many truck drivers in Rhode Island may have various questions or concerns regarding their ability to travel through Pawtucket.  For example:

  • “Is the bridge safe?”
    • The Pawtucket River Bridge is safe, and the posting restrictions are helping RIDOT ensure that it stays that way.
    • Repair work has already begun on the Bridge. As part of the repair work, the George Street on-ramp to I-95 North, after Exit 27, is closed to traffic.  This closure will remain in effect until the Pawtucket River Bridge is replaced.
    • The Pawtucket River Bridge, built in 1958 as part of the original Interstate system, carries traffic over Taft Street and the Pawtucket River, and was built for 60,000 vehicles per day. Today it handles 162,000 vehicles per day.

If there are any further concerns or questions regarding the Pawtucket River Bridge Axle Restrictions, the Rhode Island Department of Transportation website offers maps for alternate routes, additional details about restricted vehicles, and more information regarding the specifics of this law.

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