What Are Open Container Laws in Rhode Island?

It’s no secret that driving under the influence is a danger to society. Hundreds of individuals are involved in fatal accidents as a result of motorists getting behind the wheel when their judgment is impaired.

Due to these statistics, several initiatives have been launched to curb the number of fatalities on roadways including:

Sobriety Checkpoints – which happen to be illegal in Rhode Island. If you’ve been arrested for a DUI as a result of a DUI checkpoint, contact an attorney immediately.

Lower Blood Alcohol Count Limits – the current limit in Rhode Island is 0.08% for adults over 21 years old.

Higher Sentencing – including jail time, fines, driver’s license suspension and more.

This article mainly focuses on open container laws however:

Drivers are prohibited from operating a vehicle with an open alcoholic beverage, except in closed off areas that are hard to reach including the trunk and in a locked glove box.

The penalties for breaking the rules include fines, as well as loss of driving privileges for a specified period of time. It should also be noted that commercial drivers are exempt to some extent, when customers are the ones carrying the open container.

If you’re facing charges for having an open container while driving, our law offices may be able to help. We can be reached at 401-272-4001.

Ask a lawyer:

  • If open containers are allowed in hand, in public.
  • What to expect following a DUI arrest
  • How to maintain driving privileges and avoid jail time

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