New Bill Aims to Ban Using Cell Phones While Driving

Lawmakers are scratching their heads regarding ideas for stricter penalties for texting while driving – because as it stands current laws are weak. The new bill proposed by Representative Charlene Lima, would implement a banning device in motor vehicles for second-time offenders. This special device would be installed in vehicles, and it would essentially turn off the phone’s ability to text or call any numbers except standard emergencies while in the vehicle.

What’s more is that if an order is issued by the court to install this device, and the defendant fails to do so, their driver’s license would be suspended for a period of one year. Second violations of this order would result in two year’s license suspension if the bill is approved. Not everyone agrees with these proposed and stringent policies however. ACLU regards this matter as overstepping the boundaries of civil liberty, and calls this offense a minor infraction.

What Are The Current Rhode Island Laws for Texting and Driving?

Even though there have been over 600 tickets issued in Rhode Island over the last  2.5 years, this seems to have no effect on curbing the habit of some residents texting and driving. The current penalties for texting while driving include $85 for the first offense, and up to $125 for the third offense.

A member of the Pawtucket Police Department even concluded that this habit is more perilous than driving drunk. Stay tuned to this blog to find key updates on Lima’s Bill.

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Source: Go Local News

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