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A false accusation of money laundering is worse than airing your dirty laundry to the public. Your reputation, freedom, and financial future are all hanging on the line.

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Definition of Money Laundering:

As the name suggests, money laundering is washing one’s hands clean of criminal activities, by hiding money acquired through illegal means.

As one of the most common examples, a drug trafficker may disguise his or her source of income, by depositing the funds in a bank, and claiming it was obtained through some other means.

Most money laundering offenses are committed through banking transactions, whereby the offender will wire funds, exchange the money in a foreign market, draw a check, or conduct some other business with the financial institution.

Money Laundering has two defining factors:

  • The money was laundered to support a criminal activity, or
  • The money was laundered to hide an illegal activity

A person may be affiliated with money laundering, and may not even be aware of this. Some of the best defenses include not knowing where the money came from, or the operation was setup through police misconduct.

Having worked in the police force before, John  R. Grasso knows how easy it is to be falsely accused – and arrested of this crime.

John R. Grasso will work to uncover the evidence and details, to fight the money laundering case – and win.

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What Are the Consequences of Rhode Island Violating a Protective Order?

The state of Rhode Island penalizes money laundering by time in prison, and/or fines.

In addition, the offender will most likely be prosecuted for the illegal activity whereby the money was obtained.

This crime is also a Federal offense, and as such, it will be placed on trial in both the state and Federal court.

The consequences in Federal court will either be:

  • Up to 20 years in prison and/or
  • Up to $500,000 in fines or
  • Twice the amount of funds that were laundered, including the prison sentencing

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