The State of Crime in Rhode Island

The Rhode Island Police Department releases annual statistics, trends and graphs on crimes in the area. As such, readers may wonder what the most popular crimes are, if the database is published nationally, as well as how to defend these commonly committed crimes.

The latest Statewide Summary is available below, where in 2011, burglary, simple assault, larceny or theft, vandalism and drug offenses accounted for some of the top offenses in the vicinity.

Here’s a brief description of what these crimes mean:

  • Burglary – is entering a building with the aim to commit larceny or another crime.
  • Assault – includes the act of physically injuring someone through the use of force and fear. The defenses to this crime include self-defense, false accusations and more.
  • Larceny – includes petty theft, grand theft, grand theft auto, shoplifting and other related crimes.
  • Vandalism – occurs when someone intentionally defaces or damages property

Robinson v Cook – United States Court of Appeals, First Circuit

The United Crime Reports is organized by the FBI, where state police departments compile a yearly overview on the statistics. The reports are classified into varied categories including the arrests numbers versus the convicted numbers. Crimes are additionally classified in violent and non-violent categories.

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Source: State of Rhode Island Department of Public Safety