Possessing Drug Equipment – Is This a Crime?

A drug paraphernalia is basically an equipment that is used to administer drugs; or it could be found in drug rings as tools for manufacturing controlled substances. Illegal drugs include heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and several others under the Unites States Controlled Substances Act.

Top Illustrations of Drug Paraphernalia Include:

  • Tool sets used to cultivate a drug. Ask a lawyer if possessing an equipment is still a crime if it were used to grow marijuana alone. Marijuana possession is now decriminalized when the owner has less than one ounce of the substance.
  • Needles and syringes that may be used to administer drugs on oneself, or offer it to another – which is considered to be distribution.
  • Common examples include pipes used to smoke, chillums and more.
  • Even small baggies are an indication of the sales of drugs by law enforcement.

The penalties for possession of paraphernalia can lead to imprisonment of up to two years, as well as fines of up five thousand dollars. If it’s found that drug paraphernalia was held in one’s possession for the involvement of minors, imprisonment can be enhanced to five years.

It should also be noted that the possession of paraphernalia for personal use, versus keeping such equipment with the intent to sell or cultivate a controlled substance carries separate fines.

A lawyer can help to prove possession for personal use only, despite what law enforcement has already gathered as evidence.

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