Days 7-12… Part 4 of John Grasso’s Bar Exam Study Guide

After your first week of studying is complete, the following is a plan for you to apply to your second week or studying for the Bar.  This is just the beginning.

As RI criminal lawyer John R. Grasso will tell you, the “heavy lifting” is just getting started. Between MBE studying and BarBri outlining, you will have your hands full for the next few months.  Getting in a good study zone during your second week is incredibly important for your future success in studying for the 2012 Bar exam.

Even though it may be tempting to think you can skip a few days of studying, or sleep in, or blow off BarBri,  RI criminal defense attorney John R. Grasso’s study guide will explain why this is the worst mindset you can have.  The time spent studying for the Bar will never seem long enough (even though it will seem like the longest time you have ever spent studying… and it probably is). Don’t take any of the time for granted. Your hard work and dedication will pay off.

You can read part 3 of John’s study guide at the following link; but stay tuned to this blog for the next two weeks for more updates and insight on how to best prepare for the Bar exam from an RI criminal lawyer who passed the Bar on his first try.

Read part 4 of John’s study guide here: Days 7-12… – For Law Students