Rhode Island Perjury Defense

Did you furnish false information while under oath in court? This is defined as perjury in Rhode Island. Perjury also occurs outside the courtroom when signing affidavits and other notarized documents.

The prosecution will have to prove the following elements of perjury:

  • The defendant gave a false statement or testimony
  • The defendant did this intentionally
  • The defendant had pledged verbally or through a signed agreement to speak or sign in truth
  • The defendant may have committed perjury to turn a case for a loved one into their favor

Rhode Island Penalties for Perjury

Rhode Island Title Code 11-33 outlines the penalties for perjury as imprisonment of up to twenty years. As such, perjury is a serious crime that needs serious defense. In addition, if someone persuaded someone to commit perjury, the influencer can also be found guilty of this crime.

Related Crimes

  • An Attempt to Commit Perjury – someone who attempts to persuade another to make a false statement in court or on an affidavit will be prosecuted under this title code. The penalties for doing so include imprisonment of up to ten years.
  • False Swearing Regarding Real Estate – when selling or leasing properties and a false oath or statement is made to a tenant or buyer, this is a misdemeanor offense which warrants up to $100 in fines.

Legal Defenses for Perjury in Rhode Island

It should be noted that Rhode Island Title Code 11-33 also outlines specific exemptions for persons who have committed perjury. If someone commits perjury but admits their false statements or writings, then the case will be dismissed. This is only in the event that it did not significantly influence court proceedings.

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