How to Avoid a Rhode Island DUI Arrest

Patrol officers are cracking down on drunk drivers in the state. Some proven ways to get pulled over and tested for alcohol intoxication include:

  • Faulty Car Parts – When driving with a broken headlight, brake light, or some other evident vehicle defect, this leaves room for officers to have a probable cause for pulling drivers over.  If the driver had a drink or two, alcohol traces may still be present, and ultimately an arrest can be made.
  • Bad Driving – well-trained officers will be versed in identifying a drunk driver. Some of the signs of alcohol impairment include blurred vision, which prohibits drivers from maintaining their own lane. Other signs include weaving between traffic in a reckless manner, or sudden stops that occur frequently and unnecessarily.
  • Inability to Answer Basic Questions – it’s a driver’s right to remain silent – and this is advised by lawyers. However, drivers will need to provide proof of insurance, a valid driver’s license and the vehicle’s registration. If the driver fails to answer basic questions such as where they live, or what’s their destination, he or she may be given a Breathalyzer test on the spot, or taken to the county jail for other DUI chemical tests.

The best tip for avoiding an arrest is having a designated driver when plans are in place to consume alcohol outside of home. DUI penalties can be steep and furthermore affect insurance rates, employment, and criminal records. If you were already arrested, there’s still hope to get the least amount of sentencing. A lawyer can help.

Penalties for DUI

The penalties for DUI in this state are largely dependent on the age of the driver and the blood alcohol counts that are read by the arresting officer. An adult with a BAC of .10% or higher will likely face fines of up to four hundred dollars and up to one year in jail. The driver may also face up to one year’s suspension of his or her driver’s license.

Defending Against Rhode Island DUI

For more information regarding possible penalties for DUI, visit the Rhode Island DMV.

If you’ve been arrested for DUI, or drunk driving with aggravating circumstances, contact the DUI Defense Lawyers at 401-272-4001.