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Arrested for Drug Delivery in Rhode Island?

Then you should make your first phone call to an experienced Rhode Island criminal defense attorney.  A criminal lawyer can help defend you against the State’s prosecution team that will be set on obtaining a conviction.  At the Rhode Island Law Offices of criminal defense lawyer John R. Grasso, the successful defense of your criminal drug charge in Rhode Island is Attorney Grasso’s top priority.

Why Do I Need an RI Criminal Attorney?

Even if you think you haven’t committed a crime, or you believe the police illegally obtained evidence against your case, you should not rely on yourself to defend drug delivery charges in a Rhode Island court of law.  At the Rhode Island Law Offices of John R. Grasso, the practice of criminal defense law is the sole focus of Attorney John R. Grasso.

As a former police officer patrolmen, Attorney Grasso is expertly familiar with the practice of law enforcement within Rhode Island police departments.  Using this unique insider knowledge, Attorney John R. Grasso will defend your drug charge in Rhode Island, ensuring that every element of  the prosecution’s case supporting the arrest were conducted within the legal framework established by the United States Constitution.

Don’t hesitate. Contact an experienced Rhode Island criminal defense attorney to discuss your criminal charge today.  Call the Law Offices of John R. Grasso to begin the defense of your Rhode Island drug charge.

Consequences of a Rhode Island Drug Delivery Conviction?

After an arrest and criminal trial, a conviction for drug delivery in Rhode Island can leave a devastating impact on your life.  If you have been arrested in Rhode Island on drug delivery charges, Attorney John R. Grasso can help you avoid the following potentially life-altering punishments:

  • A lengthy prison sentence and subsequent parole
  • Expensive fines and restitution
  • Mandatory, court ordered chemical testing and treatment
  • Suspension or revocation of your driver’s license
  • Loss of basic civil rights (e.g. the right to own a gun)
  • Loss of employment opportunities and career advancement

Don’t risk your future on a criminal defense lawyer in Rhode Island who does not have a proven record of successful “not guilty” verdicts defending clients against state and federal drug charges.  At the Law Offices of John R. Grasso, the criminal defense attorneys will provide zealous advocacy and unique legal experience to the defense of your drug delivery criminal charge.

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