DUI Arrest In Rhode Island

Getting arrested for DUI in Rhode Island and the aftermath of the events that follow can place tremendous pressure on your life. There’s the possibility of losing your driver’s license, attending court trials, paying exorbitant fees and more.

The DUI Process In Rhode Island

After being stopped by an officer for a probable cause, he or she will conduct a standardized field sobriety test if there’s suspicion that the driver is driving under the influence.

If failed, the officer may decide to take one of three chemical tests (breath, blood or urine) to determine the alcohol level of the driver, if any exists.

At this point, the driver may decide to request a DUI RI lawyer, to get advise about what’s the best action to take. See driver’s rights discussed below.

The Rights of Drivers In A DUI Rhode Island Arrest

  • Drivers have the right to remain silent, with the exception of providing identifying information. In fact, this is advisable by lawyers, since anything that the driver says can be used to incriminate them in court. In addition, the officer on duty will note all suspicious behavior, such as slurred speech, or an inability to recall the events of the night for example.
  • Drivers have the right to choose their own physicians for taking a chemical test – at their own expense. This is done in many instances to prevent police misconduct or tampering.
  • Drivers have the right to refuse the chemical test, but there are penalties for doing so. Having been informed of the penalties for noncompliance with RI Title Code 31-27-2.1, the license is automatically suspended within 5 days, and for up to six months.

Consequences and Penalties for Rhode Island DUI

Penalties for first time DUI offenders in Rhode Island  may include:

  • Jail
  • Fines
  • License suspension
  • DUI school
  • Community service

For a full list of the penalties for Rhode Island, go to RI dui attorney here.

Out of the courtroom, insurance prices can be incremented, as drivers are required by law to submit an SR022 form to their insurance providers. A history of DUI usually tells companies that drivers pose a tremendous risk to those around them while driving.

Hope for RI DUI Cases

A RI DUI lawyer, such as John R. Grasso, can help to:

  • Keep you out of jail
  • File for alternative sentencing
  • Help you keep your driver’s license
  • Prove your innocence or lower your fines

If you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance in Rhode Island, contact the RI DUI Lawyer at the  Law Offices of John R. Grasso right away.