Tickets and Fines: Trucks Restricted From Pawtucket River Bridge

In 2007, the Rhode Island State Department of Transportation inspectors found that rust had compromised the strength of the Pawtucket River Bridge’s steel beams and other supports. The state imposed a 22-ton weight limit at the end of November 2007, essentially restricting large trucks from the bridge.

Starting in August of 2008 the State of Rhode Island banned single vehicles with more than two axles and combination vehicles with more than two axles per unit.

That legislation also imposed $3,000 fines for violating the axle restriction for the first time and up to $5,000 for repeat violations.

If you drive a vehicle that has been cited for violating the axle restriction on the Pawtucket River Bridge, you may be facing serious consequences. Your driving privileges may be restricted; your driving record will be affected; the cost of your insurance may increase; and you may face heavy fines.  Furthermore, if you drive a commercial vehicle, you and your employer may face even more severe sanctions.

If you have been cited by a Rhode Island police officer for violating the axle restriction on the Pawtucket River Bridge, you should contact an experienced Rhode Island criminal defense attorney immediately.  Attorney John R. Grasso is a former police officer and successful criminal defense attorney who will use his unique experiences to defend your citation and fines.

With Attorney John R. Grasso defending you, you can rest assured your criminal defense attorney will aggressively defend your rights and work tirelessly to reduce or dismiss your Pawtucket River Bridge citation.