Businessman’s Vandalism Case Pulled in Rhode Island

Whenever an accusation is made regarding a crime, in some cases the defendant’s reputation remains tainted. Many will be on the fence as to what to believe, especially when only a part of the story was told.

Such is the case with Anthony Lombardi, who was incorrectly accused of vandalism.

The case was dismissed according to Turn to 10 News, because there was not enough evidence of this crime, as his lawyer, John Grasso, was successful at proving.

The Case:

Steven Davis, who is the owner of an auto dealership publicized footage of Mr. Lombardi close to his car inventory. Davis concluded that Lombardi has keyed a total of five vehicles. Court paperwork however, revealed that the video footage was edited.

John Grasso, furthermore stated that Lombardi is an eighty year old, in poor health, and poor vision – which in essence means that it would be difficult for him to actually pull off this crime.

Further defense evidence include that the alleged keyed vehicles were removed prior to the police arriving.

Despite the vandalism charges being dropped on May 13, Lombardi’s reputation has been damaged to a great extent.

The take home message: If you’ve been accused of a crime, be sure to speak with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. This move can keep you out of jail, protect your family and finances, and limit the damage made by accusations that have no real basis.

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Source: TurnTo10 – NBC 10 Rhode Island