What Are the Consequences of Making Terrorist Threats in Rhode Island?

In light of attacks at the Boston Marathon in April 2013, RI residents may wonder what the repercussions of terrorist attacks and threats are. Perhaps you’re reading this article and have been accused of these crimes. If this is the case, here’s a brief overview of the penalties, defenses, and what exactly terrorist threats are.

Definition of a Terrorist Threat

If someone threatens or intimidates another to commit a violent offense that would yield the following responses, it will likely be deemed as a terrorist threat by law enforcement and the FBI:

  • Emergency organizations respond to the allegation or crime
  • Civilians are placed in physical danger
  • The act was committed to block entry or interfere with a general assembly (the defendant could possibly be charged with disturbing the peace)
  • The public becomes fearful for themselves and those around
  • The offender interfered with public utilities or transportation

What Are the Penalties for Making Terrorist Threats?

These penalties vary and may depend on the severity of the crime, the offender’s history of violence or making terrorist threats, or acts completed to make-do with the threats.

This crime carries heavy sentencing and may include imprisonment, compensation to victims affected, as well as fines.  Other considerations that could affect judgment include if a weapon were used, or if anyone was injured during the act.

If you have been accused of terrorism, making threats to do so, or participating in an organized crime, contact the RI criminal defense attorneys at 401-272-4001.