Man Wanted on Sex Charge in Rhode Island Arrested in Maine

“SWANVILLE, Maine — Police arrested a local man last weekend who was a fugitive from justice in Rhode Island on a sex offense charge.

Daniel Dourant, 51, of Swanville was wanted on a charge of child fondling, according to Chief Deputy Jeff Trafton of the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office.

This was discovered Saturday, when a deputy was following up on another complaint regarding Dourant. After running his name through the National Crime Information Center, the deputy discovered the active warrant for his arrest.”

Read the article, by Abigail Curtis, in its entirety at the Bangor Daily News Online.

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With the rising use of technology in law enforcement, perpetrators of sexual offenses are finding it increasingly more difficult to run from the law.  From sex offender registries to inter-state linked criminal record databases, law enforcement officials are finding it easier than ever before to track down and arrest criminals accused of sexual abuse, child molestation, and various child pornography charges.

If you or anyone you know has been arrested and charged with a sexual offense in Rhode Island, the potential consequences of a conviction can be severe and life altering.  From fines and prison time to a lifelong inclusion on a sexual offender registry, a conviction for a sexual offense can follow you for a lifetime.

Attorney John R. Grasso is an experienced Rhode Island criminal defense attorney who has a successful record of defending clients accused of various sexual offenses.  As a former police officer, Attorney John R. Grasso will use his unique background in law enforcement to challenge the State’s prosecution of your case every step of the way, ensuring that you receive a fair opportunity to present your defense in a court of law.